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*Please note - new orders will not be shipped until w/c 22nd July*

A bowl made from an unknown rootball. Approximately, it stands 20cm tall at it's highest point and it's diameter is 23cm at the widest part. The base is 13.5cm in diameter.

You can see it being made here on my YouTube channel:


Disclaimer – Please Note

The pieces I make are decorative/ornamental and are not waterproof or food safe. Colours may change over time.

Wood is a natural product - there could be further movement depending on the environment it is in, to me this can enhance the piece, but I understand not everybody will like this.


Wood can experience dimensional movement with temperature changes.

Wood can expand and contract as it is exposed to moisture and changes in different climates.

Wood can change colour with the natural aging process and with exposure to light & oxygen.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Rootball Bowl

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