A Hybrid Vase made from a Birch Burl and epoxy resin coloured with silver Mica Powder. 

Approximately, it stands 21.6cm tall and measures 19.5cm accross the top at the widest part and the base  is 7cm in diameter.


Originally I made this into a Lamp & you can see that video 'Woodturning - The Lamp' here on my YouTube channel:



The pieces I make are decorative/ornamental and are not waterproof or food safe.


*Please note: Price is Excluding VAT for UK buyers. Buyers purchasing from countries outside the UK may have VAT & Customs duties to pay on import.



Wood is a natural product - I cannot guarantee that there won't be further movement over time or depending on the environment it is in, to me this can enhance the piece, but I understand not everybody will like this.

Hybrid Birch Vase

Excluding VAT